Workshop with stakeholders – Brest December 2018

 Title: CleanAtlantic – Workshop with Stakeholders
 Responsible Partner: CEDRE
Date & location: 5th December 2018, Brest (France)
Download: Zip file (13MB)
Description: Workshop gathering local and regional stakeholders. It was focused on three main topics:
1) Best practices on waste management in harbours and preventing measures for reducing marine litter,
2) Best practices on litter collection and potential support tools and,
3) Best practices on valorisation of litter items.


Workshop « Advances in monitoring and modelling of marine litter » – Vigo May 2019

Title: Advances in monitoring and modelling of marine litter
Responsible Partner: IEO supported by CETMAR
Date & location: 9th May 2019, Vigo (Spain)
Download: Zip file (19 MB)
Description: Workshop gathering local and regional stakeholders. The seminar consisted of three main parts:

  1. Part I: focussing on the CleanAtlantic project and the work that is being carried out by project partners in relation to the monitoring and modeling of marine litter,
  2. Part II will showing examples of other marine litter initiatives in Galicia
  3. Round table at the end of the event discussing with participants about future challenges to tackle marine litter.