CleanAtlantic Final Conference 2023 (extended project)

The CleanAtlantic Final Conference was held on 21st June 2023 in hybrid format, in the CETMAR facilities and online being broadcasted live through an online platform. The objective of the conference was to showcase the CleanAtlantic project outcomes and contributions to tackle the marine litter problem, and to create opportunities for networking inviting external experts working in the marine litter environmental threat.

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Workshop «Marine Litter impact on Tourism» – Funchal 2022

Title: CleanAtlantic – Workshop «Marine Litter impact on Tourism»
Responsible Partner: ARDITI
Date & location: 4th November 2022, Funchal (Madeira)
Download: Presentations Zip file (45 MB)
Description: Workshop gathering local and regional stakeholders that discussed about marine litter impacts on the tourism sector, tackling methods, challenges and future activities.


CleanAtlantic Final Conference

The CleanAtlantic Final Conference was held online on the past 15th June. More than 150 participants attended the conference and learnt about project outcomes and contributions to tackle the marine litter problem. The event showcased the project achievements and results, bringing togerther project partners and the wide maritime stakeholder community. A panel of experts closed the conference with interventions from representatives of relevant EU initiatives and programmes, giving key messages and proposing future steps for preventing and reducing marine litter.

 Conference Programme Link
 Links to conference recordings in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
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Workshop with stakeholders – Brest December 2018

Title: CleanAtlantic – Workshop with Stakeholders
Responsible Partner: CEDRE
Date & location: 5th December 2018, Brest (France)
Download: Zip file (13MB)
Description: Workshop gathering local and regional stakeholders. It was focused on three main topics:
1) Best practices on waste management in harbours and preventing measures for reducing marine litter,
2) Best practices on litter collection and potential support tools and,
3) Best practices on valorisation of litter items.


Workshop «Advances in monitoring and modelling of marine litter» – Vigo May 2019

Title: Advances in monitoring and modelling of marine litter
Responsible Partner: IEO supported by CETMAR
Date & location: 9th May 2019, Vigo (Spain)
Download: Zip file (19 MB)
Description: Workshop gathering local and regional stakeholders. The seminar consisted of three main parts:

  1. Part I: focussing on the CleanAtlantic project and the work that is being carried out by project partners in relation to the monitoring and modeling of marine litter,
  2. Part II will showing examples of other marine litter initiatives in Galicia
  3. Round table at the end of the event discussing with participants about future challenges to tackle marine litter.


Workshop «CleanAtlantic Workshop: Advances in tackling marine litter issues» – Galway Dec 2019

Title: Advances in tackling marine litter issues
Responsible Partner: Marine Institute
Date & location: 4th December, Galway (Ireland)
Download:  Zip file (16 MB)
Description: The partners of the CleanAtlantic project participated on the 4th December on a Technical workshop focussed on the reviewing the advances in the fight of marine litter in the Atlantic regions. The workshop was organised by the Marine Institute in its facilities in Galway (Ireland) with the main objective of presenting the CleanAtlantic achievements to date and the future work that will be developed until the end of the project.The part II of the workshop was dedicated to the presentation of marine litter initiatives in Ireland (by An Taisce, the Cork Institute of Technology, GMIT, Ireland Coastwatch, and Leave no trace Ireland). Finally, a presentation given by KIMO showed the «civil society solutions to marine litter: a grass roots approach».


Workshop «CleanAtlantic Marine Litter Modelling Workshop», Lisbon, Dec 2019

Title: CleanAtlantic Marine Litter Modelling Workshop
Responsible Partner: IST
Date & location: 9th December 2019, Lisbon (Portugal)
Download: soon available
Description: The Workshop was focused on Marine Litter Modelling, and particularly on the CleanAtlantic contribution to the numerical modelling of marine litter in the Atlantic Area. Project partners from IST, INTECMAR and USC contributed to the workshop and presented the CleanAtlantic numerical tool developed by IST in collaboration with USC, the CleanAtlantic scenarios, and also the marine litter experience in Galicia. Other projects such as iFADO, MyCoast, TOPIOS and CleanLICS also joined the workshop and presented other international initiatives developing numerical models for studying marine litter. The Wokshop concluded with a discussion on how to improve and collaborate in the building of numerical models and a workshop on how to use the CleanAtlantic numerical tool.