CleanAtlantic 4th Coordination Meeting

CleanAtlantic 4th Coordination Meeting

The CleanAtlantic consortium will meet in Vigo (Spain) on the 7th and 8th of May to host the 4th Coordination Meeting. The meeting will consist of a 2-day event in which partners will review and discuss the progress on activities and tasks up to date to achieve the project objectives. The meeting will be organised in the CETMAR facilities and will be co-organised by CETMAR and USC.

Several discussion groups will coupled to the meeting during both days:

Discussions groups, day 1:

  • WP5: Monitoring and data management
  • WP6: Modelling and mapping of marine litter
  • WP4: Participation in the publication Mare Plasticum book

Discussions groups, day 2:

  • WP4: Marine litter in the Atlantic Area
  • WP5; INSPIRE & CleanAtlantic
  • Summary of discussions