CleanAtlantic in MICRO2018

CleanAtlantic in MICRO2018

The International Conference «MICRO2018 Fate and Impacts of microplastics: knowledge, actions and solutions» is taking place in Lanzarote on the 19th-23rd November.

MICRO 2018 provides an opportunity to share available knowledge regarding micoplastics, fill in gaps, identify new questions and research needs, and develop commitments to operationalise solutions; MICRO 2018 will be a chance to reconvene, share what we have learned, and generate momentum for the work that remains to be done.

Two CleanAtlantic communications will be presented by our partners from the Spanish Oceanography Institute (IEO, Spain):

  • Ingestion of plastic debris (macro and micro) by longnose lancetfish (Alepisaurus ferox) in the North Atlantic Ocean 

J. Gago1*, S. Portela1, A.V. Filgueiras1, M. Pauly Salinas2 and D. Macías2

1Instituto Español de Oceanografía (IEO) de Vigo, Subida a Radio Faro, 50-52, 36390 Vigo (Spain) /2Instituto Español de Oceanografía (IEO) de Málaga, Puerto pesquero, s/n, 29640 Fuengirola (Spain)

  • Dynamics of floating marine debris in the northern Iberian waters: a model approach

Diego Pereiro Rodríguez1, Carlos Souto Torres1, Jesús Gago2

1 Universidade de Vigo, 2 Instituto Español de Oceanografía