Concienciación y sensibilización

Development of awareness-raising materials

Title: CleanAtlantic Factsheets: Top ten items in beach litter
Responsible Partner: CETMAR
Date: 01/03/2019 (updated 24/07/19)
Download: English version, Galician version, Spanish version, French version, Portuguese version
Description: CleanAtlantic Factsheets about the Top ten single-use plastic items found in European beaches. These factsheets were used as part of an awareness-raising activity that consisted of a plastic box filled with beach sand in which the top-ten single use plastic items were buried. Participants were invited to look for plastic items within the sand and, once they found one, to rank it within the top-ten list of single use plastic items found in the marine environment. They were also asked to guess what their degradation time would be in the sea, origin, etc., which is specified in the factsheet. The folder also includes some supporting materials to illustrate the activity.